Twitch: TimTheTatman Wife Or Girlfriend, Son Net Worth, Is He Married? Full Detail Here

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Twitch: TimTheTatman Wife Or Girlfriend, Son Net Worth, Is He Married? Full Detail Here

Twitch star TimTheTatman’s wife is Alexis. Recently, news has popped up that TimTheTatman leaves Twitch in exclusive YouTube Gaming deal. Learn more in this article.

TimTheTatman is an American Twitch streamer and internet personality. Recently, he has agreed on a YouTube Gaming deal and has left Twitch streaming. He has announced the news by himself.

Now, he will leave Twitch following DrLupo and Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop to YouTube Gaming with an exclusive streaming deal. Currently, Tim has more than 7M followers in his Twitch. But, he will say goodbye to all of his followers and is inviting them to his new platform, YouTube.

In a recent interview, he said, “The reality is, now that he has got a wife and a son, it’s hard for him to stream as much as he did beforehand.” Further says, he has numerous followers on Twitch, but many people call him a YouTuber.

He announced the news on his Twitter. He has streamed for nine years on the gaming platform, Twitch.

TimTheTatman is a popular Twitch streamer, but he has left the platform and has moved over to YouTube in an exclusive streaming deal.

Talking about his married life, yes, he is married to his long-time girlfriend, now his wife, Alexis.

The couple married in August 2016, and it has been five years; they celebrated their fifth-anniversary last month.

On 21st December 2015, Tim posted on his Twitter that he has proposed to Alexis. However, not much of their wedding pictures are found on their social media handles and the internet.

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Tim and Alexis met in high school, they dated, but later on, Tim broke up with her. But, in college, they reconnected, and due to a long-distance relationship, everything wasn’t going well, and they separated again.

And, just said above, they connected permanently in 2015 when Tim proposed Alexis.

TimTheTatman Son
TimTheTatman’s real name is Timothy John Betar, and he has a son named Brewer.

In September 2018, Tim revealed his wife is pregnant, and they are expecting a child on a live stream.

Tim and his wife, Alexis, are blessed with a baby boy born on April 11, 2019.

Apart from that, we are unknown about his family and parents.

Currently, Tim is 31 years old- he was born on April 8, 1990, in America and holds American nationality. Find His Net Worth

TimTheTatman’s net worth as of 2021 is $6 million, as per the source.

He is a Twitch streamer who has just shifted towards YouTube in an exclusive streaming deal. But, the deal is yet to be known. === source ===

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