Man tortures and then kills 12-year-old grandson with sledgehammer!! (Heartbreaking video)

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Man tortures and then kills 12-year-old grandson with sledgehammer!! (Heartbreaking video)

Andrez Martina, a 54-year-old Milwaukee man has been accused of killing his 12-year-old grandson, subsequent to tormenting the kid for five hours over cash that disappeared from his wallet.

Andrez Martina, the granddad of the 12-year-old casualty Andre Smith II, purportedly asked Illysha McCroy, Andre's grandma and legitimate gatekeeper, on the off chance that she could send the kid over to rest at his grandpa's home.


At around 8 am on Sunday morning, Aug 29, Andrez messaged to Illysha, "denouncing (the 12-year-old kid) of taking the respondent's cash," as indicated by the criminal grievance recorded.

Andrez Martina Incident
Andrez Martina is a numerous time criminal (no less than multiple times over) indicted for drug managing and was captured for a manslaughter in the last part of the '80s. McCroy had permitted Martina "the opportunity to become acquainted with his grandchildren" after his re-visitation of Milwaukee from Indiana in May this year.

He "needed to reconnect with his grandkids" after not being in their lives beforehand. As indicated by Martina, he woke up on Sunday morning at 3 am and "seen his wallet was open and cash was missing." Martina went to the lounge room to go up against Smith who had he guaranteed disapproved of taking.

The objection states, he "smacked (the 12-year-old kid) over and over, requesting that (the kid) get the litigant's cash." Martina "professed to not know what else to do to get his cash back," the protest says. The kid "ran into the washroom and secured himself inside an endeavor to shield himself from the respondent. The litigant picked the lock open and 'lost it' on (the kid)," as per the protest.

The little youngster is said to have turned his pockets back to front to demonstrate to Martina he didn't take the cash. Martina advised authorities he proceeded to over and again hit Smith even after the child went to a cousin's room to recover the money. The grievance noticed that Martina reviewed, "I'm not killing him, I'm simply bopping his [expletive]," as indicated by CBS58. At a certain point when Martina was assaulting Smith in the washroom, he pushed the youngster so hard his head left an opening in the divider.

Andrea Smith's more youthful sibling who likewise experienced a messed up finger among different wounds during this episode told police that Martina utilized a hammer, heavy hammer, a coat rack, and a stick during the assault. The not really settled Smith experienced an extreme skull crack, reliable with different obtuse power hits to the head.

In a later meeting with the police, Smith's extraordinary grandma said she was "stirred by the litigant hollering" at Smith. She told police she "saw the litigant striking (the kid) with a mallet." Smith's mom Nakeda Martina disclosed to Fox6 News, "My father killed someone in 1989. The framework neglected to prevent him from doing that once more. Shockingly, his last casualty was my youngster."

Andre's extraordinary grandma who is crippled was in the house and defenselessly watched Andrez beat his grandson the tar out of. The charged has contended the sledge was not intended to kill the kid however confessed to "letting completely go" and beating his grandson which prompted the youngster's demise on Sunday, August 29.

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