Very Sad News For Nene Leakes #RHOA #NeneLeakes #GreggLeakes

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Very Sad News For Nene Leakes #RHOA

Over the last several weeks Nene Leakes has been suffering in silence dealing with complications from her husband Gregg’s cancer returning a couple of months ago and from what we understand things have gotten pretty bad.

It’s Justin Diego back with another bingeworthy video and today I have to share some very sad news about Nene’s Husband and I ask that you keep their entire family in your prayers.

Gregg’s Cancer Has Aggressively Returned
Back in June, Nene Leakes shared that her husband Gregg had been hospitalized after his cancer had returned. At the time she shared that Gregg was doing so-so before sharing that she expected him to be back home after surgery about a week after his procedure. Yes if you recall Gregg had beat his initial cancer battle after being diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer in 2018.

Nene Leakes Says Husband Gregg is Transitioning
Now after an unfortunate situation that occurred at the family’s restaurant in Atlanta, Linnethia Lounge, Nene finally opened up about what she had been dealing with behind the scenes urging people to be careful about how they treat people because you never know what they’re dealing with behind the scenes.

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