Ric Flair Boldly Denies Involvement In Viral NSFW Photo

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Ric Flair Boldly Denies Involvement In Viral NSFW Photo

#RicFlair #newspak #newsworldbbc #newsworldfox #newstodaymsnbc #newsworldwide Ric Flair immediately cleared the air as his name trends on social media after the WWE legend was linked to a wild NSFW photo. And when we say wild, we mean wild. An NSFW photo has been trending on social media over the past few days where a man who wildly resembles the 72-year-old wrestler was seen doing things you’re not supposed to in a public train (via Barstool Sports). But, as much as we’d all like to believe that that’s the Nature Boy himself, that man in the photo is not Ric Flair.
At least according to him. On Wednesday, the WWE Hall of Famer went on Twitter to make sure everyone knew that that blonde man getting busy in public was not him. Per Flair, the photo is ‘not real’ and that he, believe it or not, doesn’t ride trains:“This picture is as real as that other one floating around. The Nature Boy doesn’t ride trains! Wooooooo woooooo!” Flair tweeted alongside an animated photo of him riding a train, of course. Flair was recently released by the WWE after re-signing his last contract back in 2012. Though it’s been more than a decade since we’ve seen the 16-time world champion doing some actual wrestling in the ring, Flair has still been ever-so-present within the WWE universe over the past few years, grooming his own daughter Charlotte Flair. Despite a ton of free time on his hands after being released from the WWE, Flair is making it known that he’s not spending his time on trains.

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