Plymouth gunman Jake Davison says I am a terminator in final YouTube video before death

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Plymouth gunman Jake Davison says 'I am a terminator' in final YouTube video before death

The suspected Plymouth shooter described being “defeated by life” in videos recorded just weeks before the massacre, as he blamed his troubles on not having a girlfriend.
Jake Davison, a 23-year-old apprentice crane operator, described himself on his YouTube channel as an ‘incel’ and made references to the ‘blackpill’ philosophy to which the radical fringe group subscribes.

An apparent gun obsession was also apparent from a playlist of videos compiled by Davison.

In his final video blog, on July 28, the suspected killer spends 11 minutes ranting about how his life has hit a dead end, as he struggles to attract women or lose weight.

“I’m beaten down and defeated by f****** life, that drive I once had, that’s gone,” he says. At the climax of his final video blog, Davison claims he likes to think “I’m a Terminator”.

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