Funniest Milk Crate Challenge

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Funniest Milk Crate Challenge

What is the milk crate challenge? Wanna see the best of milk crate challenge ? The milk crate challenge involves collecting quite a few milk crates. Once you have these crates, you're supposed to build a staircase out of the crates. To do this, you take the crates and set them in a line of roughly 8. From there, you reduce the number of crates on each layer by two until you have a top layer of one or two crates. Some of the videos that have gone most viral all over the internet have featured fails that came from users attempting the challenge.
We decided here at Before They Were Famous to try it for ourselves so stay tuned to see how we did. #MilkCrateChallenge #MilkCrate #FamousNews #HoodOlympics #BeforeTheyWereFamous #MichaelMcCrudden

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